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1. Annual dues will be submitted by all practicing Diplomats of ECVM to cover expenses related to EBVS activities. This subscription fee is due by February 1st of each year and will be subject to annual review taking into account the needs of the business of the ECVM and Euro-zone inflation of the preceding year as published by Eurostat. Members shall be adjudged delinquent if they are one (1) year in arrears, and will be voted on for removal by the membership if two (2) years have elapsed without payment. A case may be made in the event of financial hardship or particular personnel circumstances. No fees are payable for non-practising and retired Diplomates or Honorary and Associate Members.

2. A non-refundable examination fee is submitted by each resident wishing to sit or to re-sit the qualifying examinations.

3. A non-refundable credentials approval fee is submitted by residents applying for credential approval.

4. A training centre approval fee is submitted for the recognition of an establishment as a training centre or for their five-year re-evaluation.