Standard Residency Programme

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Criteria to Enroll

The following prerequisites must be met to the satisfaction of the Education Committee before any candidate is eligible to undertake a residency programme. An eligible candidate should:

  • Βe licensed or eligible to be licensed to practise veterinary medicine in a European country unless relieved of this obligation under exceptional circumstances. Applications should be made BEFORE starting a residency programme;
  • have received their veterinary qualification from a European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education (EAEVE)-approved establishment unless relieved of this obligation by the Education Committee. Applications to the Education Committee must be made BEFORE starting a residency programme;
  • have completed a minimum twelve-month rotating internship, which should cover a range of clinical veterinary disciplines, or equivalent approved by the ECVM Education Committee.

Applicants must apply for enrolment in a Standard Residency Programme no less than two months before the next submission deadline.

The enrolment application must be submitted by e-mail to both the Chairperson of the Education Committee and the Secretary of the College. Deadlines for submission are February 1st and September 1st. The applications received will be processed by the Education Committee. The latter will submit a rejection/approval suggestion to the ECVM Executive Committee, in time for their next scheduled meeting during which a final decision will be reached. Applicants for a SRP who have completed their interniship, and having received approval by the RP Director, they have enrolled in a SRP before the evaluation of their application was concluded, may request the relevant decision of the Executive Committee to be extended retrospectively to the period of their residency that preceded approval. Retrospective approval may refer to a period of no more than six months.

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