Education Committee Established

Education Committee Established

The Education Committee of the ECVM consisting of Professors Bryan Markey as Chairman, Jaap Wagenaar and Alicia Aranaz as Members, was established in July 2017.

Education Committee
The Education Committee comprises three members; Assoc Prof Bryan Markey (Chair), Assoc Prof Alicia Aranaz and Prof Jaap Wagenaar. It was established in July 2017.

The Education Committee is responsible for:

  1. setting the criteria for the residency programmes
  2. approving the training centres and residency programmes
  3. approving each resident
  4. monitoring each resident’s progress through the receipt of regular reports.

There are two types of training centres:

  1. Approved Training Centre – which has all the facilities and resources necessary for the running of a Standard Residency Programme
  2. Satellite Training Centre – fulfils some of the required facilities and resources for the training of residents and is able to contribute to residents’ training by offering regular rotations.

There are two types of residency programmes:

  1. Standard Residency Programme – an integrated programme specifically for the purpose of preparing candidates for the ECVM certifying examination, conducted mainly at one site.
  2. Alternate Residency Programme – an applicant whose circumstances do not permit enrolment in a standard programme may submit an equivalent, alternate programme to the College, in cooperation with his/her supervisor, outlining the resources available to the applicant for advanced study and experience.

Forms for the approval of training centres, residency programmes and residents are available on this website. Once completed these forms need to be submitted to the Secretary of ECVM and to the Chair of the Education Committee.

Please note that this is a synopsis of information contained in the Policies and Procedures of the ECVM and potential applicants are advised to consult the full document. Informal inquires can be made to the Chair of the Education Committee (