A/Prof Alicia Aranaz

I graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University Complutense, Madrid, in 1991, and I achieved the PhD Degree at the UCM in 1996. During that time I also worked for short periods of time at the Australian Reference Laboratory for Bovine Tuberculosis (Department of Agriculture, Perth, Western Australia). I performed a postdoctoral stay in the Department of Bacteriology, Veterinary Science Division (Belfast). After this training I returned to the Faculty to manage a European Union project consisting of a network of laboratories. Subsequently, I achieved a fellowship of the Spanish Ramón y Cajal Program and other academic positions. Currently, I am an associate professor at the Department of Animal Health (since 2012).

My research and clinical interests are immune-based diagnostic tests, and molecular diagnostics and epidemiology (with special interest in diseases caused by mycobacteria), biosafety, and zoonoses.

I have co-authored over 70 publications in peer reviewed journals and book chapters, and contributed presentations in national and international scientific meetings. A relevant part of these articles has been carried out in collaboration with other national and international institutions in the framework of research projects funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and the European Union.