Prof Ioannis – John Ikonomopoulos

Personal Information

  • Family name: Ikonomopoulos (Oikonomopoulos)
  • First names: John (Ioannis)
  • Date of birth: 2/12/1967
  • Nationality: Greek



Overview of Training and Professional Status

  • Veterinary Doctor (BSc, Aristotle University of Thessaloniky, Greece, School of Veterinary Medicine) with specialty in Veterinary Microbiology (MSc, Royal Veterinary College, University College London, UK) and Molecular Microbiology (PhD National and Kapodestrian University of Athens, Medical School of Athens, and Aristotle University of Thessaloniky, Greece, School of Veterinary Medicine).
  • Professor (tenure position), Faculty of Animal Science and Aquaculture, Agricultural University of Athens, Greece.



Overview of expertise

  • Development, assessment, validation of new generation analytical tools for the multi-analyte detection and identification of indicators associated with microbial infection, survivor and spread in biological samples (animal/human/food/environmental) using molecular biology and nanotechnology methodologies.
  • Animal and human exposure to microbial hazards through food of animal origin. Safety of animal feeds and of food products of animal origin.
  • Diagnosis of diseases of animals, human transmission, indicators of genetic predisposition.
  • Scientific and administrative coordination of externally funded research projects. Quality assurance of veterinary diagnostics (ISO17025).



Overview of major achievements

  • Rector of the School of Animal Science, Agricultural University of Athens, Greece.
  • President of the European College of Veterinary Microbiology established within the European Board of Veterinary Specializations (EBVS).
  • ESEVT (European System of Evaluation of Veterinary Training) Expert.
  • Founding Member of the Hellenic Nanotechnology Society for Health Sciences.
  • Registered inventor and owner of 6 approved European Patent Applications relating to molecular and nanotechnology diagnostics.
  • Coordinator of International Research Projects the total budget of which exceeds 7 Meuro.
  • Member of the EBVS Communication Committee.