Dr Hector Arguello-Rodriguez

Doctor in Veterinary Medicine (2007, University of Leon, Spain). Ph.D., obtained in the Animal Health Department of the same University (2013). Afterwards Dr. Argüello performed two post-docs in the Food Safety Department at Teagasc (Dublin, Ireland) and the Genetics Department of the University of Cordoba (Spain). He also has performed short visits to reference centers like the Zoonoses laboratory of the National Food Institute (Denmark; 2009), the National Reference Laboratory for Antimicrobial Resistances (BfR, Germany; 2011) and GABI laboratory in INRA (France; 2016). Currently he is tenure at the Animal Health Department of the University of Leon (Spain). Dr. Argüello actively research interests are focused on enteric infections in swine. His major research lines are linked to host-pathogen-microbiota interactions, zoonoses and enteric disease control and AMR mitigation. Dr. Argüello is co-author of a relevant number of research studies and research projects and collaborates actively with EFSA, FAO and national research agencies. Since 2022, de facto diplomate in the European College of Veterinary Microbiology.