Dr Katharina van Leenen


Dr. Katharina van Leenen obtained her veterinary degree in 2016 at Ghent University, Belgium. After graduation she completed a PhD-project in 2020 at the same university on the subject “Subclinical pneumonia and airway inflammation in calves and their association with particulate matter, endotoxin and other barn climate parameters”. During this project she also worked as a ruminant veterinarian at the Department of Internal Medicine (Ghent University) and was involved in teaching Master students on infectious diseases and diagnostics in ruminants.

In autumn 2020 she started working as a lecturer on infectious diseases and clinical microbiology at Utrecht University, the Netherlands, with a main focus on infectious diseases in farm animals.

On the first of September 2023 Katharina started her ECVM residency with Dr. Broens as main Residency Supervisor.