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List of Material to Submit for Re-certification

  • Cover letter stating the purpose of the application, the time period corresponding to the re-certification evaluation, and a brief description of the supporting documents that the applicant is submitting;
  • the self-assessment form (refer below) with a total score of no less than 100, and with the supporting documentation, which will be subject to approval by the Re-Certification Committee;
  • two reference letters composed according to the relevant instructions of EBVS (Policies and Procedures of the EBVS, Appendix 8), sent electronically to the Chairperson of the Re- certification Committee. It is the applicant′s responsibility to ensure that the reference letters are sent on time. The Chairperson of the Re-certification Committee is responsible for absolute discretion and confidentiality regarding the reference letters. In the event that the signatories of the reference letters are not in a position to certify one or more of the statements included in the relevant model of EBVS, the applicant should provide alternative substantiating evidences;
  • application fee. The application will not be considered if the application fee has not been paid. The application fee is non-refundable. If any part of the application has to be resubmitted, an administrative fee will be charged.