Amaury Van Goethem

Amaury graduated as a veterinarian from the University of Liège in 2016 and worked during the first 2 years as a veterinarian in avian and rabbit production. This practice allowed him to gain knowledges in avian infectious diseases. Furthermore, he became familiar with carrying out autopsies and complementary diagnostic analyses such as bacteriology and serology. In 2019, during the Belgian African swine fever crisis, he started working at the wildlife health and pathology department of the University of Liege. The service is commissioned by the Walloon region of Belgium to study event-based and programmed monitoring of wildlife infectious diseases. This work allowed him to perform autopsies on various species and diagnostic analyses such as microbiological cultures, molecular analyses, coproscopy and histopathology. In 2021, he obtained a Master’s degree of PhD training in veterinary science following the presentation of the research essay: “Identification of Corynebacterium ulcerans isolated from European hedgehogs in Wallonia and characterization of its zoonotic potential”. He is currently continuing his PhD research on hedgehog zoonotic diseases. In April 2023, he started his ECVM Standard Residency Program with Pr. Annick Linden as Supervisor.