A/Prof Rachael Tarlinton

Dr Tarlinton graduated in veterinary science from the University of Sydney in 1999. She spent several years in mixed practice in Australia and the UK. Then worked in small animal emergency while completing her PhD in koala retrovirus at the University of Queensland, awarded in 2006. She worked as a postdoctoral scientist in Virology at the Queensland Department of Primary Industries in Australia and at Georg August University, Gottingen in Germany before taking up a lectureship at the School of Veterinary Medicine and Science at the University of Nottingham. She currently teaches undergrad vet and animal science students in a variety of topics including microbiology, virology and preventative medicine. She runs an active research programme in emerging viral diseases in a range of species as well as continuing her work on endogenous retroviruses and managing biosafety for the veterinary schools laboratories. Current research includes Schmallenberg virus, koala retrovirus, Maedi Visna, Tick borne diseases of Nigerian dogs, Viral factors in human multiple sclerosis and zoonotic viruses of rodents.