Marleen Kannekens-Jager

Marleen Kannekens-Jager graduated in Veterinary Medicine at Utrecht University in 2006. After her graduation Marleen has been working in small animal and equine practice for twelve years. Besides her work in general practice she started working as a lecturer at the Department of Clinical Sciences of Companion Animals at Utrecht University.

In May 2018 Marleen started her residency for the Dutch Specialism for Veterinary Microbiology at the Veterinary Microbiological Diagnostic Center (VMDC) of Utrecht University. At the VMDC, she had a general training in diagnostic laboratory skills. Besides that she gives lectures on infectious diseases and clinical microbiology to Veterinary Medicine students in Bachelor and Master. Given the establishment of the ECVM and the recognition of the VMDC as full training center, she decided to apply for the Alternate Residency Training Programme at the ECVM. In January 2020 she started her ECVM residency with Dr. Els Broens as main Supervisor and Residency Programme Director.